Cava Culture

Cava is strongly linked to Catalunya’s tradition, culture and history. Cava is traditionally part of any celebration, and in the collective imagery it is bond to a special moment, to happiness and joy. Cava is also part of the region’s cuisine and of the latest Catalan gastronomy, whose prestige has not ceased to grow due to the star projection of local world-famous chefs. Cava is thus more than a drink or sparkling wine, it is a cultural product part of lifestyle.

MAS PERE embraces this world. It is part of these territory and its people, its history, culture and values; and a way of life. MAS PERE is not only a cava, it is also the wine grower and maker; the trader and the consumer, a friend: he whom lives the brand experience and makes it part of his daily life.

There is a MAS PERE cava for every occasion. Each moment stands out with a MAS PERE.