Vitis Cataloniae

MAS PERE is an ambassador of Cava and of a lifestyle linked to a region, Catalunya.

MAS PERE is a true expression of respect for tradition and culture; a committment to the Traditional Method of making sparkling wine and to indigenous grapes that best represent and highlight cava’s nobility within the Apellation of Origin Cava.

MAS PERE represents a territory and its people, its history, culture and values; and a way of life. MAS PERE is all in one: the wine, the trader and the consumer, a friend; he whom lives the brand experience and makes it part of his daily life.

MAS PERE embodies classical refinement and drinkability: it is a quality Cava of International taste aged in underground cellars and produced in the traditional way with state-of-the-art facilities.

There is a MAS PERE cava for every occasion. Each moment stands out with a MAS PERE.